Stress management

The holidays are finished. The school year is well underway. But don’t be fooled — this is an intense time of year for teens.
For seniors this is the time to wait nervously for college acceptance letters, or make plans for after graduation. And the schoolwork hasn’t let up for anyone. Reports, projects and homework are coming due.
Parents, it’s time to teach your children about stress management.
In fact, teaching children how to manage the stress of everyday life can be one of the most valuable lessons you offer. Handling stress effectively will lead to a happier, healthier life.
First, let’s talk about one seemingly popular way to handle stress: alcohol and other drugs.
It’s hard to escape the fact that in the media, drinking alcohol is seen as the go-to method to cope with a hard day at work. Meet at the bar with your friends, and the alcohol will smooth over the rough edges of your day.
Abusing alcohol and other drugs isn’t a healthy way – physically or emotionally _ to handle stress. Substance use puts extra stress on your body, and that isn’t helpful.
Also, it turns out that alcohol doesn’t help you forget your troubles. Read more here
Since when has life been a one-size-fits-all situation? Can you fix a car with just one sized wrench? Or build a house with just a saw? The same is true with stress management techniques. You need different options for different situations.
The truth is stress management is all about finding out what makes you happy, whether it be exercise, listening to music, going for a walk, or even a video game battle. And one technique might work better for some situations than others. The choice is yours.
Learn what healthy techniques work to help your stress, and your body will thank you. Then teach your children to find their own stress management techniques.