It’s a different world

Things change… even the way teens drink.

Things have changed in the world of underage drinking since most parents were in high school. And it’s become much more dangerous.

Beer and wine used to be the beverage of choice for teen drinkers. But today, drinking shots is very popular. That’s scary news.

Why? It’s all about how quickly blood alcohol content can rise. Three “shots” is the same amount of alcohol as three beers. But three shots are consumed quickly. It takes time to drink three beers!

And time means everything. A teen can down a dangerous (and even life-threatening) number of shots before ever feeling intoxicated. Even though the teen may have stopped drinking, his or her blood alcohol level continues to rise as the alcohol is digested.

One real threat is alcohol poisoning, and it is a dangerous and life-threatening situation.

Binge drinking (drinking at least 5 drinks in a 2-hour period for men, or 4 drinks in the same time period for women) has become much more common. But it’s a trend that parents need to know about _ and warn their teens.

While you are giving that warning, also suggest that if a friend appears to be passed out from binge drinking, it is time to call for help. Allowing a friend to “sleep it off” is too big a risk to take.